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One Slight Hitch

A Gentlemans Guide to Love and Murder


On the night of his mother’s funeral, middle-class Englishman Monty Navarro learns an incredible secret: he is the “son of the daughter of the grandson of nephew of the second Earl of Highhurst.” In other words, Monty Navarro is an aristocrat — if he can only find a way to prevent the eight earls preceding him from inheriting the earldom first. Buoyed along by love for two different women, the stunning and self-centered Sibella and the pious and witty Phoebe, Monty takes on his mission. As for the D’Ysquith family? One actor plays each ill-fated member, from the flamboyant country squire to the terrible actress to the aging war hero. In the witt, and ceaselessly entertaining A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, the audience is treated to Edwardian style, classic farce, and stunning operatic singing. Gentleman’s Guide combines the best of the past with a contemporary sensibility and humor that earned it the 2014 Tony Award for Best Musical. With non-stop laughs, a unique and soaring score, and unforgettable characters, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder has become an instant classic.

Audition Dates:
Monday, March 25nd 7PM – 9PMTuesday, March 26rd 7PM – 9PM
CALLBACKSWednesday, March 27th 7PM – 9PM
Production team will reach out to individuals directly if selected for callbacks.



Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting May 31 – June 23 ,2024


Rehearsal times may differ based on scheduling and availability.

Audition Requirments:
 Selected sides will be provided at auditions. Please come prepared to sing a song provided to you with piano accompaniment.


Audition Questions:

Any questions can be sent to volunteer@ltnonline.org

Seeking performers!

  • The D’Ysquith Family

    (Baritone F#2/Bb3 – G#4) All played by one actor. Actor should have strong physical comedic skills and accent ability to help establish and differentiate multiple characters.

  • Montague “Monty” D’Ysquith Navarro

    (Baritone Bb3 – Bb5) Charismatic and cunning. Plans to murder D’Ysquiths.

  • Sibella Holland (nee Hallward)

    (Soprano F#3 – Gb5) The girl he loves. Beautiful and flirtatious social climber.

  • Marietta Shingle

    (Soprano Eb3 – E5) His unexpected visitor. Sneaky and mysterious, sense of justice.

  • Phoebe D’Ysquith

    (Soprano G#3 – High sustained C#6 with an optional Eb) A cousin. High class, also naïve.

  • Ensemble

    (All voice parts needed) Tour guide; Miss Evangeline Barley – a chorus girl; Tom Copley – a farmer; Lady Eugenia D’Ysquith – Countess of Highhurst; Inspector (Chief Inspector Pinckney) – of Scotland Yard; Magistrate.

Please email info@ltnonline.org if you are looking for any more information.