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Season 94 Subscriptions

Season 94 Subscriptions Postponed

The Little Theatre of Norfolk Board of Directors acknowledges the health and safety of our volunteers and patrons plays a significant factor in meeting our goals and accomplishing our mission. We take our responsibility seriously as a civic institution that serves the public good. We are keeping abreast of the latest COVID-19 updates, as well as the directives from Virginia’s governor, the Virginia Department of Health, the CDC, and other proper scientific sources. 


Little Theatre of Norfolk is not willing to take chances with the health of our volunteers or our patrons. We have decided at this time to postpone subscription sales for Season 94 (2020-21) until we are able to give our patrons a clearer understanding of what we will be offering and a better customer service experience.


We do not feel it would be safe or prudent to begin rehearsals of our first Season 94 musical, The Producers, at this time given the latest information about “super-spreaders” from the American Choral Directors AssociationRecent studies indicate singers are “super-spreaders” of the COVID-19 virus. Proper singing involves a greater volume of breath released compared to talking, and therefore releases into the air more aerosol droplets that are potential hosts to the virus. These droplets can spread farther than talking, making six feet of social distancing insufficient for singers. Estimates from various sources range from needing 13 – 26 feet of social distancing to the potential that there is no safe distance possible for singers. 


As a board of directors, we continue working diligently both to process this information and to come up with ways to serve our mission while continuing to keep our community safe as this pandemic crisis unfolds. This includes:

  • Offering virtual content, announced regularly on our Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Continuing a certain level of customer service to our patrons through our box office
  • Grant writing
  • Fundraising
  • Advocating for our organization with Norfolk City Council so that we can keep our building in good order during this shutdown and provide as much virtual content as possible
  • Developing our needs and sanitation plan for re-opening


We will be reaching out within the next few weeks with a survey to ask our patrons and volunteers what will make them feel safe when returning to the theater. Please take a few moments to complete the survey. Your input is highly valued as we develop or re-opening plans.


One of the most touching things for us as volunteers right now is the amount of support we are receiving from our patrons and the community. We look forward to opening once it is safe for both our patrons and volunteers to gather together to enjoy the performing arts again. Please stay safe and continue to follow recommendations from local authorities and the CDC.


Thank you for your support and understanding!

-Little Theatre of Norfolk Board of Directors